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The summer season is slowly coming to a close which means it's time for a cleanse! During the transition between seasons, it's a great idea to set aside time to make changes, plan out the next couple months and create space in your life for new things. As the leaves change color and the weather becomes more temperate, fall is a time to let go of our old ways and welcome new beginnings. Here you will find a few of my favorite cleansing practices to help ring in the fall season. 

1. Change out your summer wardrobe. There's nothing like waking up to the first chilly day of Fall with all of your comfy sweaters still stowed away in bins. Once the scorching days become scarce, start to reintroduce some of your beloved fall pieces back into your closet space. This makes transitioning into colder weather much easier and less stressful!

2. Dust! After running AC units and fans all summer, you're most likely due for a good dusting. Take time to wipe down your fans, windowpanes, shutters and vents so that when it's time to crank up the heat during chilly nights, you air can be clean and dust free!

3. Stock up on your favorite teas. Tea before bed is one of my favorite fall and winter rituals. Steep fresh ginger in hot water for 5 minutes with a squeeze of lemon to help improve circulation during the colder months. 

4. Journaling session. Journaling is a pretty regular thing for me, but it's especially important to journal during moments of transition. Take some time aside to recap from summer, document how much you've accomplished, what you're grateful for and what you're setting out to do during the winter months. Colder weather requires more indoor activities, so take this time to brainstorm how you'll stay active this fall and winter. 

5. Put together some yummy fall recipes! During the fall and winter months, the body requires more concentrated energy to stay warm. Root vegetables like potatoes, garlic, onions etc. thrive in the winter months since plant energy moves downward to regulate in colder temperatures. Look into what foods will be best for your body when cooler weather sets in and get creative with fun recipes. 

Let us know what works best for you as you transition from summer to fall in the comments below. Happy cleansing and namaste! 

I trust in nature for the stable laws of beauty and utility. Spring shall plant and autumn garner to the end of time. -Robert Browning


We need to talk. It's not something you necessarily hear often, but shower safety is more important than you think. From the dangers of slips and falls, to the questionable cleanliness of most bathroom and shower floors, reliable shower sandals might be your next best purchase.

The facts.

According to the National Safety Floor Institute, falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency visits, making them the leading cause for hospital visits.

For those 65 and older, 79% of bathroom injuries are caused by slipping or falling in the shower.

So what about bathroom floor mats and rubber shower mats? Not effective. While they may provide some resistance to slipping, bath mats soaked with shower water in a dark and damp environment grow mold and bacteria. Shower mats are also known to have mold and slime beneath them.

Aside from preventing bathroom injury, shower sandals also protect you from your little bacterial/fungal friends that grow on bathroom and shower floors.

Various strains of mold, algae and fungi are shown to exist on most shower environments and can be transported via the bare human foot.

Countless viruses and infections can develop from the filth that grows on bathroom and shower floors. Shower sandals can help prevent meningitis, plantar warts (that cause HPV), athlete's foot and other illness.

The investment of a lifetime: shower sandals!

Your health is your business, but staying virus and infection-free can affect your teammates, colleagues, friends and family. A shower injury or infection due to bathroom floors can occur at any age, so protect yourself and others by staying safe and wearing shower sandals.

Rhea Footwear designs shoes that meet your functional and safety needs. Stay tuned for our upcoming line of shower sandals!


Life is a journey, usually a bumpy one. We go through highs and lows, and sometimes lose focus on what we envision our life to be. We take turns, detours, and sometimes fall through a few rabbit holes on the way. This post discusses a few activities you can do to reset, get grounded and re-focus your intentions. 

Take a Hike! There is no other remedy like retreating into nature for a few hours to change setting. Being amidst the grandeur of nature and its beautiful forms has an amazing way of broadening your perspective to see the things cluttering our lives are very small, insignificant even. Fresh air, exercise and the sound of silence have immense healing and grounding properties. 

Create a Vision Board. Heck, throw a vision board party. Gather your closest buddies, grab a few stacks of old magazines, pick up some foam boards and start gluing. Don't forget the wine. But seriously, creating a vision board is a great way to literally design your dream world, and it really gets the creative manifesting juices flowing. 

Don't hate, meditate. You don't have to be in a yoga class or a temple to get quiet, silence the mind, and tap into your inner eye. Start with a 10 minute mediation in the morning or before you go to bed and watch your days transform. I prefer sitting on the ground, cross legged, eyes closed with soft music or silence. Natural or dim light preferred. I start quieting the mind by "following my breath." Follow the stream of breath flowing deeply in, and stretching all the way out. Once you clear that mental space, you're open to receiving light and good energy. 

Make time in your life to regroup and take a breath now and then. Where thoughts go, energy flows!

Spring has sprung and the busiest time of the year is upon us. Here are some ways to stay stress-free + favorite yoga studios in West LA! 

With the end of the semester around the corner and summer calling my name, my life tends to go into overdrive around this time every year. Between planning the rest of the year out, planning the rest of my life out, and staying afloat in work and school, it's easy to get stuck in the weeds of STRESS during the most beautiful time of the year. Over the past few years, I've learned to get a handle on stress so that I can be my best self and not let stress take over my life. 

Stay in the NOW! Last summer, a friend lent me Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment" and it changed my life. The message of the book is simple: living in the present moment will transform your life for the better. This amazing read has reminded me on countless occasions to get out of my head and just be grateful for that moment. In the hustle and bustle of planning, take a break to appreciate what's going on right now. 

Get enough sleep. It seems counterintuitive that when you're caught up in an endless to do list, you should drop everything for a cat nap. Sleep is essential for a person's health and well-being and is a huge part of limiting your stress. Often times, when your body doesn't seem to be functioning at optimum level, you may just need to get some Z's to regenerate and rest. 

Take time to check in. Every six months or so, I take a couple hours to sit down to write down my short and long term goals (personal, health, and career-wise). When you're starting to feel overwhelmed by your tasks, check in with these goals to make sure the things you're doing every day are in line with your long term vision. Be a person of your own design. 

Surround yourself with people that support you and want to see you do well. As much as I think of myself as a one-woman show, there are countless individuals in my life that I owe all of my success to. Surround yourself with people who have similar goals as you, who will remind you of the bigger picture and push you every day to be great. 

Take time everyday to regroup, get grounded and retreat. Everyone has different ways of doing this. Some let off steam at the gym. Some like to meditate and focus on their breath. I have found that my happy place to re-center myself is through yoga. I started my practice a few years ago and since then it has been a crucial part of my life. I encourage everyone to take the time to try out a class at your local yoga studio. 

Don't know where to start? Here are a list of my favorite studios on the West Side!

Yoga Salt. Of all the studios I've tried in the area, Yoga Salt is by far my favorite. The classes are mostly all levels, which makes it easy to bring some of my friends that haven't had much experience doing yoga. The studio is simple, bright and welcoming. Located at 11955 Washington Blvd. in Culver City. 

YogaWorks. One piece of advice: Bring a towel. YogaWorks is no joke and will leave you feeling sore, sweaty, and like a true yogi. With locations in Santa Monica, Playa Vista and El Segundo, finding the right class for my schedule is always easy. 

Yoga Vista. Located right in Playa Vista, this small vinyasa studio provides a variety of classes that are accessible for all levels and are taught by truly incredible teachers. Being located right by Whole Foods is also a plus. 

Hot 8. Right next to the Promenade in Santa Monica, you can easily get your sweat on after a long day of shopping. Hot 8 will leave you feeling refreshed, detoxed and slightly euphoric. Hot yoga isn't for everyone, but is worth working up a sweat for. Also located right next to Nekter juice bar, another plus. 

Please pass along your favorite ways to de-stress in the comments! Also, let us know any of your favorite yoga studios if we've missed any. Namaste, yogis. 


Clean. Fresh. Plant-Based. Stop by some of my go-to vegan spots near Venice Beach, Santa Monica and Culver City!

1. Sage Organic Vegan Bistro

Located in the heart of Culver City, Sage is by far my favorite plant-based joint on the West Side. The rustic style bistro has a brilliant way of converting classic comfort foods into yummy vegan masterpieces. 

2. Plant Food + Wine

This vegan oasis is exquisite to say the least. From the bright dining room to the breathtaking back patio and garden, eating at this gem is truly an experience. Chef Matthew Kenney combines raw and cooked plant-based items to form a flawless menu. Favorites include the almond burrata special with citrus, and the ravioli. 

3. Cafe Gratitude

Being my very first vegan experience in LA, Cafe G has a special place in my heart. The seasonally driven and ever-elvolving menu never disappoints. The dishes are fun and original plays on classic items like pizza, burgers and salads. Word to the wise: DON'T skip out on the brownie dessert. 

4. Fala Bar

Fala Bar is my not-so-guilty pleasure burger joint. One of the toughest parts about being vegan is grabbing a quick bite somewhere. This little place on Abbot Kinney was the answer to my plant-based prayers. Comforting without the guilt, you can find THE perfect balance of flavor and freshness in every bite. Kale-falafel burger and sweet potato fries. I'll say no more. 

5. The Butcher's Daughter

This Abbot Kinney sanctuary literally pulls you in from the street with its bright, airy and whimsical ambiance and the food seals the deal. Vegan breakfast pizza, avocado toast, hand crafted pastries, the list goes on. Whether you're looking for a sit down brunch with an old friend or just dropping in to grab a juice, The Butcher's Daughter is taking up real-estate on your foodie bucket list. 

6. Kippy's!  

Looks like ice cream. Tastes like ice cream. Feels like whole, organic, clean yumminess. Made with coconut cream, Kippy's non-dairy ice cream shop truly is a trip to vegan paradise. There's nothing like surrendering to some double dark chocolate with magic shell and cacao nibs. Treat yourself, treat your soul. 

"The Gods created certain kinds of beings to replenish our bodies; they are the trees and the plants and the seeds." -Plato 

Don't let the flu catch you! Stay clean, green & well with a few simple health tips to keep the doctor away. 

If you're anything like me, you're 100% committed to exhausting every holistic + homeopathic remedy to cure illness before you step into that doctor's office. Here are some of my best health tricks to kick a cold before it kicks you. 


Wake up, drink water. Get in your car, drink more water. Eat a snack, drink water. Go to the grocery store, buy loads of water. In all that you do, do it while drinking water. Water will flush out any and all toxins in the body while replenishing your energy supply and boosting your metabolism. Sound good? Drink water. 


The rumors are true. If you feel a cold creeping your way, overload on vitamin C. Luckily for you, this vitamin comes in so many different forms: oranges, lemons (great in your WATER), grapefruit, mango, berries, the list goes on. If you're in need of C to-go, grab an Emergen-C packet for your water. 

G I N G E R 

The ginger root is an age-old remedy for curing illness and helping with digestive problems. Ginger also reduces inflammation and can act as a fever reducer. Slice 3-5 slivers of ginger root and let it steep in hot water for 5 minutes and enjoy. 

H O N E Y 

Nothing is sweeter, and nothing can treat a cough or sore throat better. The thick consistency will coat the throat to relieve incessant coughing, while also acts an anti-inflammatory. Honey + lemon + warm water = wellness. 

P R O B I O T I C S 

The last and best way to ensure fool-proof immunity. Probiotics promote good bacteria in the body that help the immune system and the digestive system. I prefer to take a probiotic capsule every morning, but probiotic drinks are also great. You can also get your daily dose in sweet, fizzy Kombucha drinks. 

I could go on forever with quick and easy wellness tips, but these are by far my top picks. When in doubt, drink more water and let food be thy medicine. 

Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being. ~ J. Stanford