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It’s almost summer!  I can’t wait for pool and beach days.  For me, the perfect gift in May for Mother’s Day is anything that gets me ready for fun summer days.  On the top of my list are these really cute flip flops from Rhea.  They are super comfy and the perfect footwear for summer days.
Rhea has a great line of cute and fashionable shoe options no matter what mom’s style is I’m sure you can find something she will love.  They have so many great options for Mother’s Day it’s hard to choose.
It was important that I got some boots that would look good. But it was essential that I find a pair that had great grip that wouldn’t wear away after three winters in Vermont. Luckily, the good folks at RHEA Footwear understood my struggle. The boots at RHEA Footwear are made for hard-headed guys like me who make a habit of slipping on slick surfaces. In fact, they are designed to have one of the strongest grips on the market. Their patented GRIP-TECH outsole ensures that even the slipperiest of surfaces (oil, soap, ice) are trekkable by the clumsiest of people (like me). I felt the difference the day I got the Classic Boots in Metallic Blue.

As tall women, we are always in the public eye. On most days, I’m okay with this. When walking in to work amidst the throngs of Northwest DC pedestrians, I queue up a power playlist, put on my headphones, and glide down the street. People get out of the way. People stare. I feel very much like…well, like I’m 6’ 3”! So it is a little humiliating when, with all of K Street’s eyes on me, I take a tumble because of unsupportive footwear or slippery soles. The way down is long for me, and my precious pants and tights already have too many scrapes (and I definitely don’t like to be brought back to those teen years where I tripped time and time again in high school halls, struggling for so long to grow into my spaghetti legs).


If you have a rockin’ red pair of shoes, you want to wear them! I just got a complimentary pair from Rhea Footwear (more about them below) so I am super excited to show them off ASAP!! However, you may be wondering what to wear with red shoes or need ideas for outfits with red shoes so you can show yours off too!
One outfit idea is to pair your red shoes with a pair of jeans, a black and white striped shirt, and a white blazer. Another idea is to wear your red shoes with a pair of black leggings, a gray graphic tee shirt and a jean jacket. Another day wear a black tee shirt and black leggings with your red shoes for an edgier look. Top off your week wearing a white button down shirt with jeans and your red shoes for a classic look. Find a great red bag, red lipstick and or red scarf to play with accessories.

This dress from VinnieLouise was a Christmas gift but it couldn't be more perfect for the transitioning weather. While I loved it all Winter with fleece leggings, it's just the right length to wear with sheer tights, too.

Because this dress makes a big statement on its own, I'm always trying to find the perfect shoes and these black booties from Rhea Footwear totally fit the bill. The best part? They didn't even need broken in. I've worn them for a fancy dinner out, to a work conference all day, and now, for a casual brunch. They've become a fast favorite.

Walking into Spring in this casual outfit... feels so liberating to finally be able to walk out without a jacket! :)
One thing about living in the Midwest that can get SUPER annoying is that your winter footwear isn’t always fashionable. Most times you have to choose function over fashion. I tend to always choose comfort or function. I have been a mom for over 19 years and I do tend to fall into a slump when it comes to my footwear and clothes. The main reason for that is I am very particular about what I wear.  Most of the clothes or shoes I want to wear will not stand up to a Illinois winter. When Rhea footwear approached me about reviewing their product line I checked out their website and immediately fell in love with their Daphne Black Bootie.
I live in Missouri and Missouri can get very cold during the winter months, which I am not a big fan of – yet I am still here! With that said, I LOVE to wear fall and winter clothing. It’s so fun to mix and match to make your own unique style – must I mention…BOOTIES?!

The booties are everything! These are from Rhea Footwear – Daphne Black Bootie and retails at $150. Rhea’s footwear come with a no slip bottom – these are perfect for our winter months with ice and snow. I must say very beautiful and stylish!

Who doesn’t love a pair of shoes that’s fun, fashionable and fit like a dream?

I’m self-confessed shoe addict, but since I’ve been working from home these past few years, my wardrobe mostly consists of basic yoga pants and T-shirts. My shoe-buying obsession has decreased exponentially, too. Yeah, I know. Booooring, right? Therefore, I was THRILLED when Rhea Footwear contacted me and asked me if I’d like to try out a pair of their super-cute non-slip shoes.


Fellow college students, listen up: this is where Rhea Footwear comes in. Who said you couldn’t look stylish and maintain your footing while crossing campus? These chic little non-slip booties provide legitimate comfort and the perfect tread for winter weather, two things that are really hard to check off at the same time when it comes to winter footwear. I feel like I’m usually either sacrificing comfort or safety for style, and that’s definitely impractical.


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