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Life is a journey, usually a bumpy one. We go through highs and lows, and sometimes lose focus on what we envision our life to be. We take turns, detours, and sometimes fall through a few rabbit holes on the way. This post discusses a few activities you can do to reset, get grounded and re-focus your intentions. 

Take a Hike! There is no other remedy like retreating into nature for a few hours to change setting. Being amidst the grandeur of nature and its beautiful forms has an amazing way of broadening your perspective to see the things cluttering our lives are very small, insignificant even. Fresh air, exercise and the sound of silence have immense healing and grounding properties. 

Create a Vision Board. Heck, throw a vision board party. Gather your closest buddies, grab a few stacks of old magazines, pick up some foam boards and start gluing. Don't forget the wine. But seriously, creating a vision board is a great way to literally design your dream world, and it really gets the creative manifesting juices flowing. 

Don't hate, meditate. You don't have to be in a yoga class or a temple to get quiet, silence the mind, and tap into your inner eye. Start with a 10 minute mediation in the morning or before you go to bed and watch your days transform. I prefer sitting on the ground, cross legged, eyes closed with soft music or silence. Natural or dim light preferred. I start quieting the mind by "following my breath." Follow the stream of breath flowing deeply in, and stretching all the way out. Once you clear that mental space, you're open to receiving light and good energy. 

Make time in your life to regroup and take a breath now and then. Where thoughts go, energy flows!

Don't let the flu catch you! Stay clean, green & well with a few simple health tips to keep the doctor away. 

If you're anything like me, you're 100% committed to exhausting every holistic + homeopathic remedy to cure illness before you step into that doctor's office. Here are some of my best health tricks to kick a cold before it kicks you. 


Wake up, drink water. Get in your car, drink more water. Eat a snack, drink water. Go to the grocery store, buy loads of water. In all that you do, do it while drinking water. Water will flush out any and all toxins in the body while replenishing your energy supply and boosting your metabolism. Sound good? Drink water. 


The rumors are true. If you feel a cold creeping your way, overload on vitamin C. Luckily for you, this vitamin comes in so many different forms: oranges, lemons (great in your WATER), grapefruit, mango, berries, the list goes on. If you're in need of C to-go, grab an Emergen-C packet for your water. 

G I N G E R 

The ginger root is an age-old remedy for curing illness and helping with digestive problems. Ginger also reduces inflammation and can act as a fever reducer. Slice 3-5 slivers of ginger root and let it steep in hot water for 5 minutes and enjoy. 

H O N E Y 

Nothing is sweeter, and nothing can treat a cough or sore throat better. The thick consistency will coat the throat to relieve incessant coughing, while also acts an anti-inflammatory. Honey + lemon + warm water = wellness. 

P R O B I O T I C S 

The last and best way to ensure fool-proof immunity. Probiotics promote good bacteria in the body that help the immune system and the digestive system. I prefer to take a probiotic capsule every morning, but probiotic drinks are also great. You can also get your daily dose in sweet, fizzy Kombucha drinks. 

I could go on forever with quick and easy wellness tips, but these are by far my top picks. When in doubt, drink more water and let food be thy medicine. 

Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being. ~ J. Stanford