The Ultimate Must-Have: Shower Sandals and Your Safety

We need to talk. It's not something you necessarily hear often, but shower safety is more important than you think. From the dangers of slips and falls, to the questionable cleanliness of most bathroom and shower floors, reliable shower sandals might be your next best purchase.

The facts.

According to the National Safety Floor Institute, falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency visits, making them the leading cause for hospital visits.

For those 65 and older, 79% of bathroom injuries are caused by slipping or falling in the shower.

So what about bathroom floor mats and rubber shower mats? Not effective. While they may provide some resistance to slipping, bath mats soaked with shower water in a dark and damp environment grow mold and bacteria. Shower mats are also known to have mold and slime beneath them.

Aside from preventing bathroom injury, shower sandals also protect you from your little bacterial/fungal friends that grow on bathroom and shower floors.

Various strains of mold, algae and fungi are shown to exist on most shower environments and can be transported via the bare human foot.

Countless viruses and infections can develop from the filth that grows on bathroom and shower floors. Shower sandals can help prevent meningitis, plantar warts (that cause HPV), athlete's foot and other illness.

The investment of a lifetime: shower sandals!

Your health is your business, but staying virus and infection-free can affect your teammates, colleagues, friends and family. A shower injury or infection due to bathroom floors can occur at any age, so protect yourself and others by staying safe and wearing shower sandals.

Rhea Footwear designs shoes that meet your functional and safety needs. Stay tuned for our upcoming line of shower sandals!


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