Technology Meets Style

Good news friends, I have found shoes that are good for you! What?

Rhea Footwear contacted me to ask if I wanted to check out their footwear with no slip technology. What they didn’t know is that I actually do have a fear of falling. Hello – What a lucky day for me!

Shoes are an essential part of every wardrobe and deciding which ones to take on a trip can be time consuming. I try not to overpack, so bringing along the cutest yet functional pairs is the best idea for me. Rhea Footwear sent me a pair of darling, black leather boots to try and Craig requested the flip flops.



Every summer I read about the dangers of flip flops and how they are bad for your feet. Traditional rubber flip flops do not offer any cushioning, shock absorption or tread so it's important to spend a little more and invest in protecting your feet.

RHEA footwear combines fashion and function offering stylish shoes that are safe on all surfaces. Their signature anti-slip tread offers maximum grip along with extra cushion and support. RHEA sandals are offered in six different colors. I'm wearing the Duos Black and Gold. I love that they go with just about everything and are comfy and non-slip too!





Today I am sharing these adorable gold and black sandals with you c/o Rhea Footwear. Since we are talking about flip flops, I decided to go back to the basics by sharing one of my summer uniforms with you. A flowing white tee, distressed crops, statement necklace and flip flops!

Rhea Footwear offers non-slip bottoms to all of their shoes! These flip flops are going to be perfect at the pool this summer. Just check out the soles on them in the photo shown above. When I wear my regular flip flops, they don't have a lot of traction on the bottom and I have caught myself slipping before when I've worn them in a wet parking lot or on slick floors. These flip flops from Rhea? I won't be worrying about any slips in these!

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I was so excited to get some sun and start my summer off right by visiting Santa Barbara. I absolutely loved it there! 

I wore this amazing off the shoulder dress by Ella Moss. It has a great fit and the print screams summer to me. I paired it with these cute cream and mint flip flops from Rhea Footwear. Flip flops are a must for summer and Rhea has the best ones. So comfy and so chic!



Spring has finally sprung and with it, sandal season. Just in time, California-based footwear start-up Rhea has engineered a line of sandals specifically for traction on slick, wet surfaces. Through a year of research and development Rhea refers to as the "Grip Project," Rhea came up with a "Griptech" rubber compound similar to the rubber used in space shuttles for maximum grip and durability. The treads are designed to push liquids away for increased contact between the sole and the dock, dinghy, or cockpit.



The sandals use Rhea’s fully patented outsole technology. One of the videos on Rhea Footwear’s Kickstarter page demonstrates this technology against other sandals. The sandals are offered in four different colors – burgundy, navy, green, and black. The sandals also use a midsole cushion to provide extra comfort and a special fabric infused within the strap to provide extra strength.

“Currently there are no other sandals in the market that utilize this outsole technology. Sandals benefit so much from this technology because you are likely to step on wet and slippery surfaces while wearing them,” says CFO John Lee.



Anyone else hoarding beach style ideas and dreaming of piña coladas (but not getting caught in the rain)? We simply cannot wait for some summatime. While you’re out there considering warm-weather purchases, take into consideration these flip flops from Rhea Footwear that promise to be not only stylish, but also the safest on the market.


I love wearing flip flops in the summer! Flip flops and sandals are so easy to slip on and comfortable! In my opinion this new innovative line is brilliant! I have to say that I’m very clumsy and I always ending up tripping over my feet or fall when wearing flip flops and sandals because my sandals and flip flops do not have proper grips on the outsole. With the new launch of Rhea Footwear’s new innovative line of sandals, these sandals will minimize my mishaps and injuries. In my opinions, I think many people will be speechless and curious about this new invention!