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I was thrilled when Rhea Footwear reached out to see if I would be interested in collaborating with them to do a product review of their non-slip sandals. After checking out their story online & learned more about their efforts to combine functionality, safety & fashion, I was 100% excited to get started.

These sandals are so adorable & I give them huge points for style! I loved every single color, but ended up choosing “duos candy” since mint green is one of my all-time-favorite colors & “eva pastel yellow” because it just screams spring.

Fashion Should Be Fun Rhea Footwear
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Now in a perfect world, I would be trying out these beauties around a glamorous pool in some tropical paradise.  But I worked with what I had ... and what I had was a soggy backyard.  Not too glam, but a good test of the non-slip feature of the sandals, which passed with flying colors (of course, it's Rhea)!

Rhea Footwear is fabulous at combining form and function, making chic footwear with practical non-slip soles. Who couldn't use these fab flip flops this spring/summer for wearing around a pool, on a tropical vacation, or even just running errands in town? 

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"We live in a slippery as heck climate, wouldn’t you agree? Between the mountains of snow and brief reprieves we get in the winter, Canada is filled with slippery ice patches for large portions of the year, making it treacherous for commuters, recreation walkers, or even just people dashing out from their car through a parking lot to navigate icy, slick roads and sidewalks. In fact, statistics show that every eight seconds, someone is subject to a slip and fall, sending millions to the hospital on an annual basis (lest we forget – those slips can happen indoors too, with soapy or waxy floors). Luckily, someone else has shared in this malady and answered the call to deliver a stylish, safer shoe."
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I had the best time getting some sun in Vegas! I spent the first half at the Westin Resort and Spa on Las Vegas Lake.  It was dreamy. There is nothing like waking up to palm trees and 80 degree weather. We headed over to the strip for the second half of the trip and stayed at the Venetian. It was so relaxing taking a weekend to swim and enjoy the warm weather. Of course I had to get a little shopping in before we headed home, it would’t be a Vegas vacation without it!
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"And when the weather gets that nice, it’s time for me to break out the flip flops. I essentially wear sandals for 9 months out of the year here in Florida. I don’t have anything against closed toed shoes but when it’s hot I want my feet to be cool. Plus, sandals are easier to slip on as I’m running out the door with my flock of children."
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"So I have been wearing these like crazy in the ColoRADo warm winter long enough to get them a proper break in - and I have been very pleased.  I am a chiropractor by trade, and LOVE what I do.  But I also need to have shoes that won't slip when I adjust humans.  These shoes have not let me down.  The difference is the GRIP-TECH out-sole of all the Rhea gear.  They have this crazy micro-tread pattern that grips and rips whatever you are walking on."

"These classic red flats from Rhea ($79.99 - have a luxurious suede upper and a fine leather trim.  The bottoms have their signature GRIP-TECH outsole which not only make for a softer step but keep you from slipping on click surfaces like hardwood floors.  These shoes fit true to size which make it easier for online ordering.  I'm usually a size 6 and ordered a size 6 in these red flats and they fit really well.  I have plenty of room in the toe area and my heel doesn't really rub on the back of the shoe."
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Rhea Footwear City Peach Brown Daphne Booties
Gingham with a puffer vest is a classic go-to Fall outfit. This vest is stretchy enough to fit over my bump, so no need for maternity wear for a change. Add a statement or chunky necklace to any collared shirt to make it more feminine, if you aren’t going to wear a scarf. These booties are a classic especially for work, and they are extremely comfortable. They have a rubber gripping on the bottom that I definitely need right now!
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Evolve Image Consulting Rhea Footwear Brown Daphne Booties
"If this is your first time hearing about Rhea Footwear you are in for treat. What makes this shoe so remarkable is how they wed quality styling with functionality. Their exclusive patented technology ensures that you will never slip and fall. Specifically, their NeverSlip™ outsole is made from an exclusive rubber compound that grips on most slippery surface conditions. It allows their outsoles to have more traction than any other shoe, even on ice and snow. In addition, the moisture wicking and water-resistant material allows water to roll right off of your shoes while keeping your foot dry. Rhea Footwear is truly designed with your “sole” in mind!"
Fashion Should Be Fun

Fashion Should Be Fun Rhea Footwear California Red Flats

I have a new favorite pair of shoes! Fav color? Check!  Suede? Check! Comfy? Check check!  And non-slip soles! These beauties are compliments of Rhea Footwear, the perfect place to buy high quality, chic, and practical shoes! Rhea prides themselves on providing non-slip and slip-resistant footwear so that you can walk slippery surfaces with confidence. 


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