Technology Meets Style

Rhea Sandals-Summer-Vacation-Beach-Duos-Candy-Bar-Nonslip

Her epic fall inspired me to bring along something functional & stylish (well, maybe not as stylish as the Ruthie Davis she was wearing) on my Maldives trip. So I brought my new RHEA Duos Candy Bar sandals with me to Conrad Maldives.

Other than my runners, I counted on my RHEA sandals to keep me safe through the whole trip, thinking 90% of the time my feet would be wet. After all, what’s more to do in Maldives other than playing on the beach and lazing by Conrad Maldives’ infinity pool with an incredible view of the endless, glittery sea?

The outsole of my Rhea sandals is trimmed to give a sleek design, and it has enough cushion to keep me comfortable all day.



When these pretty little mint and blush sandals showed up in the mail, I was inspired by them to make a swimsuit coverup. I've been hanging on to this palm print fabric for a few weeks and had no idea what to make with it, but as soon as I saw these sandals the idea was sparked. Plus, it's a super easy dress to make, so snag yourself a pair of Rhea's pretty sandals, make yourself a coverup, and you're ready for summer!



Spring has finally sprung and with it, sandal season. Just in time, California-based footwear start-up Rhea has engineered a line of sandals specifically for traction on slick, wet surfaces. Through a year of research and development Rhea refers to as the "Grip Project," Rhea came up with a "Griptech" rubber compound similar to the rubber used in space shuttles for maximum grip and durability. The treads are designed to push liquids away for increased contact between the sole and the dock, dinghy, or cockpit.