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"And when the weather gets that nice, it’s time for me to break out the flip flops. I essentially wear sandals for 9 months out of the year here in Florida. I don’t have anything against closed toed shoes but when it’s hot I want my feet to be cool. Plus, sandals are easier to slip on as I’m running out the door with my flock of children."
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"So I have been wearing these like crazy in the ColoRADo warm winter long enough to get them a proper break in - and I have been very pleased.  I am a chiropractor by trade, and LOVE what I do.  But I also need to have shoes that won't slip when I adjust humans.  These shoes have not let me down.  The difference is the GRIP-TECH out-sole of all the Rhea gear.  They have this crazy micro-tread pattern that grips and rips whatever you are walking on."
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Rhea Footwear Slipons Gray Matte

Rhea Footwear was featured in Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine's September Issue! Go grab yourself a pair of Rhea's Matte Gray Slipons here!


The sandals use Rhea’s fully patented outsole technology. One of the videos on Rhea Footwear’s Kickstarter page demonstrates this technology against other sandals. The sandals are offered in four different colors – burgundy, navy, green, and black. The sandals also use a midsole cushion to provide extra comfort and a special fabric infused within the strap to provide extra strength.

“Currently there are no other sandals in the market that utilize this outsole technology. Sandals benefit so much from this technology because you are likely to step on wet and slippery surfaces while wearing them,” says CFO John Lee.