Get Ready for National Best Friends Day!

Life can be tricky. This is why since the dawn of mankind, every human being has somehow sought after a companion, kinfolk, or most commonly known as a 'best friend.' Whether it's your childhood BFF, favorite co-worker, fraternity brother, Mom or your pet hamster, take the day to celebrate and appreciate your very own best friend. Get a head start on planning National Best Friends Day by brushing up on some fun activities and adventure opps to share with your bestie/s.

1. Have a beach day! Pack a lunch, grab a group of your closest homies and take the day to relax. Have a game of beach volleyball or flag football!

2. Reverse happy hour. Just like normal happy hour, but usually after peak hours (ie. 9pm-11pm). Late night appetizers and half priced drinks? Sign us up.

3. Go to a group workout class. Spin, cross-fit, yoga, pilates, maybe even a martial arts class! The options are endless.

4. Take a long hike. We all have those best friends that we don't necessarily talk to or see often, but when we do it's like no time has passed. Take the day to get outside and catch up on a nature walk.

5. Plan a fishing trip. Put the old fishing gear in your garage to use and have some old fashioned bonding time on the water.

6. Break out those overpriced clubs you got for Christmas and take a group of co-workers out to play. Followed by happy hour, of course.

7. Have a "kids only" darty (day+party). With the following bells and whistles: jumpy house, face painting, balloon twister, candy & sweets bar, drinking games, slip & slide, twister etc.

8. Enjoy a free concert in the park. With wine filled water bottles and lots of comfy blankets to sit on.

9. Binge watch a Netflix series together. Don't want to leave the house? Have a chill night in with your favorite snack and person.

10. Do a book swap. Get a group together, gather your favorite reads and make some good trades! Just remember who you loan your books to...

11. Visit a museum. Pick one that neither of you have been to before and have a day of art appreciation. 

12. Make vision boards! This can be just you and your BFF or a whole party of friends. Gather all of your old magazines (preferably three per person) and cut out words or images that represent how you ideally envision your life to include. Make an entire board dedicated to all of your wishes and dreams and look at it every day. 

13. Rent out paddle boards and get some sun. Wake up early enough to see the sunrise while you're on the water- priceless. 

14. Have a hole-in-the-wall night. Yeah, you heard me right. Find the dive-iest bar in town, put your bestie's name on the karaoke list and let the fun begin...

15. Cards against humanity. Get ready to literally cry laughing. This is the best board game. Ever. 

16. Backyard movie screening. Set up a projector and screen your favorite oldie-but-goodie film. Lights, camera, blankets & popcorn. 

17. Camping trip! Plan a road trip with a few close friends and set up camp somewhere you've never been before. Completely disconnect from electronics and simply enjoy the good company of great friends. 

18. Host a stay at home brunch party. Stacks on stacks of pancakes and mimosas in bulk!

19. Give thanks at friendsgiving. There's nothing like a huge potluck with all your best buds. Enjoy some good home cooking (some more than others) and some laughs with the people that can drive you crazy, but you can't seem to live without. Cheers to best friends! 

“If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together, there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart, I’ll always be with you.”
-Winnie the Pooh



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