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I'm a huge fan of Rhea Footwear (see my sandal post HERE) and with winter on it's way, I was excited to try their Daphne bootie. Made of soft full-grain leather, this cute bootie is water resistant and has a ventilated leather lining. Rhea is known for their never slip outsole technology and molded EVA insole. What does that mean? They are comfortable, stylish and slip resistant. Who doesn't want to walk confidently and look chic, even in blustery weather!


This time of year is always iffy for temperature so I bundled up with a few layers and brought along our blanket for cuddling. This outfit is one of my go to looks for the fall. You can never go wrong with a pair of black skinnies, blue suede flats (like Jess from New Girl!) and a dress layered on top.
These Rhea Footwear flats are accompanying me everywhere! They are so comfy, stylish and practical. Even though I hate thinking about it, winter is around the corner. These shoes provide the non-slip technology I need for frosty mornings and fast paced work environments (because let’s be real, I am clumsy). Thank goodness for comfortable outfits and taking breaks for fresh air among the busiest seasons!
Despite a childhood filled with countless outdoor adventures and participation in numerous sports, it took me over twenty years to break my first bone! With no exciting story behind it, I simply fell walking down the stairs in my own house earlier this year... As the function in my foot finally returns and I get back to walking, and eventually running, I have learned how vitally important it is to invest in quality footwear that helps keep my feet safe and pain free.
Aware of the importance of quality shoes, as well as the danger of everyday slips and falls, Rhea Footweardeveloped an ingenious line of non slip shoes... Rhea’s trendy line of men and women’s sandals, flats and boots come in a variety of attractive styles and sizes that can easily be worn for work or play.
Southern California weather is so warm so much of the time, that it allows us to wear flip flops all year round. Summer fashion is uber casual so virtually everyone wears flip flops/sandals with every type of outfit.
Ironically, I actually have a fear of falling and/or slipping! I was the perfect candidate to take a look at their innovative products. Because of a trip planned to the Northwest, last month I tried out the adorable no-slip black boots first. Not only were the boots fashionable, but super comfortable and gripped the ground without feeling clunky. The no-slip sole is especially important for traveling in wet weather and on unstable surfaces. Do you worry about slipping like I do?
I haven’t worn flip flops for a number of years and have instead been wearing chunkier sandals, which are comfortable but not always the most practical shoe. Then again, most summer sandals aren’t very practical, right? Or the practical shoes tend to be kind of clunky and not the cutest pair to wear with brightly painted toenails while spending all day hanging out outside.

I recently discovered a brand of shoes called Rhea Footwear, a collection of sandals, boots, and flats, that were designed by two people who realized that there weren’t any great practical shoes that help with slippery surfaces like rain and snow which were also flattering on the feet. So they developed a non slip technology which is with from a patented micro-channel tread pattern that actually pushes liquid away from the shoe to prevent slipping.

FACE PLANT. I’d been smote for making fun of the Salvation Army, maybe not aloud, but definitely in my heart. I was struck down lest I commit a greater sin.

There I lay, prostrated before the church in that special kind of pain that only landing square on one's schnozz can bring, surrounded by scattered partyware glistening in the sun like a golden calf.

This entire episode got me to thinking about how klutzy I’d become lately, and I began looking for solutions. And lo—and behold—Rhea Footware contacted us about their shoes with Never Slip Technology. 

Great, I thought, the time has come for clunky old lady shoes.

I took a deep breath and clicked on their website and found their shoes to be neither clunky nor old lady. I decided to give them a go on our latest adventures.

So this first product starts with a story! I went on a cruise in June and I had on just ordinary flip flops. I was walking on the pool deck and next thing you know, bam, I had a slip and fall. By some coincidence, upon returning from the cruise, I learned about Rhea Footwear. It was founded with a goal of raising the awareness and reducing slip-and-falls with their patented outsole technology.

Good news friends, I have found shoes that are good for you! What?

Rhea Footwear contacted me to ask if I wanted to check out their footwear with no slip technology. What they didn’t know is that I actually do have a fear of falling. Hello – What a lucky day for me!

Shoes are an essential part of every wardrobe and deciding which ones to take on a trip can be time consuming. I try not to overpack, so bringing along the cutest yet functional pairs is the best idea for me. Rhea Footwear sent me a pair of darling, black leather boots to try and Craig requested the flip flops.


I am super excited to share about my new favorite shoes! Rhea Footwear has created shoes that are not only fashionable and comfortable and safe on all surfaces. Every shoe that Rhea Footwear makes features their  superior grip technology thanks to a patented micro-channel tread pattern that offers the highest friction while pushing out moisture.
I can tell you, with all the summer time we have been having, these Rhea Footwear shoes are perfect and safe to wear while chasing little ones on the pool deck and wet patios.

It is summer time which means flip-flops around my house or as Maggie calls them floppers! Although I have heard some people call them sandals as well. I typically try to get a new pair each summer because I live in the south and am hard on them. I wear them pretty much every time I leave the house or go outside. So when RHEA Footwear asked if I wanted to work with them again I jumped at that chance.

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