Technology Meets Style

A friend broke her elbow last winter when she slipped and fell on a patch of ice. And she’s definitely not alone, as falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits. In fact, they’re the leading cause of visits. Given that I’m quite clumsy, that make me very nervous.

Here’s the good news: you do not need to spend the winter in moon boots. Really. You can both remind upright and be stylish with Rhea footwear. They have booties and flats made with Neverslip Technology. They’re cute, don’t you think?


Now that the weather is finally feeling like winter, I am transitioning to bootie mode as well.  I was super excited to try out my new booties with today’s outfit.  I recently collaborated with Rhea footwear and Pittsburgh Peeps….listen up – these are perfect for our winters.  Not only were the shoes co-founded on the need for reliable, safe and non-slip shoes to combat slippy and chilly winters, as we have here, they are also cute, fashionable, and bonus, comfortable!  Got to love a product that work double duty for you!  They are the perfect finishing touch to my outfit today.  
As the weather begins to cool down, I’m slowly transitioning my wardrobe to my basic blacks and whites. I can’t help myself! I have always loved neutral colors and it can be hard for me to stray into more colorful waters sometimes. This color combo will never go out of style and it’s so easy to work with when the weather is cold.
Sidenote, it unexpectedly rained this day and these loafers from Rhea Footwear saved my a**! The stone and streets got slick so the signature non-slip grip technology in these shoes were a life saver. I almost ended up like Scarlett Johansson when she publicly fell and everyone made memes about her.
The trick to grungy chic is not going over board with the "grunge" part. That's why I like to pair my grungy ensembles with a pair of classic boots. The Daphne Bootie, by Rhea Footwear, is the epitome of "little black boot." On top of the sophisticated design, comfortable fit, and use of quality leather, this shoe also comes with non-slip technology, something Rhea Footwear is well known for. These bad boys will keep you looking stylish and slip-free during those icy winters! Here's a video for more info about their non-slip technology. If you're curious about fit, I can assure you that their boots are true to size. I'm almost always a US 7.5 in boots, which is the size I went with, and they fit like a glove.
During the cold weather months rain and show can promote slippery surfaces and you want to make sure you stay on your feet. Stop slip and fall accidents from happening with Rhea Shoes. Rhea shoes has invented shoes that care and that are crafted for safety and comfort. The neverslip technology in offered in men’s and women’s non-slip boots, slip on’s, flats and sandals.
We were sent Daphne Black Bootie from Rhea footwear to review. I loved the look of them and thought they’d be perfect for my daughter who walks to school and a great look with jeans, slacks, skirts, and her style.

Jeans, tee shirt, sneakers, rinse, repeat. Black sweater, jeans, sneakers, rinse, repeat. Leggings, oversized sweater, sneakers, rinse, repeat. These are my go-to looks for almost every day. I wanted to break things up a bit so I was looking into getting a pair of loafers, black of course until I came across THESE.

Because my wardrobe houses so much black, gray, and navy, a pair of red loafers didn’t seem so far off and could work quite nicely with several looks in my wardrobe. I’m still wearing my neutral colors but I love how my new Rhea loafers breaks it up a bit. These are the perfect addition to an otherwise, basic everyday look, after all color can be classic. Black crop pant, tee shirt, bold shoes, rinse, repeat.


Fall is crisp, cool and dare I say... calm?

Harvest is coming to an end, the mosquitoes and wasps in our backyard are mostly dead (frozen, I hope), and pumpkin spice everything is in season.
With perfect timing Rhea Footwear contacted me with an opportunity to review one of their products with the patented NeverSlipTM outsole. The Daphne Brown Bootie was my shoe of choice because when I think Fall, I think boots!
Every fall I find myself reaching for the same kinds of pieces…cute jackets, skinny jeans, and ankle booties that can take me from day to night. In fact, it’s a pretty solid uniform that I’ll probably exhaust until I need to bust out my heavy-duty outer wear.
These booties from Rhea Footwear couldn’t be more perfect for a day on my feet! They are super comfortable, and the bottoms have these special NeverSlip soles. But as well as for being functional, they are stylish too! I love the little heel and the pointier toe. These babies are definitely going to be put to work this season!
Shoes are awesome aren’t they? Sometimes it can be hard to find shoes that are both cute AND functional. Rhea Footwear has the perfect solution. They have flats, booties and sandals that are all adorable and also extremely comfortable!  The other thing that is important to note about Rhea Footwear is that all of their shoes are manufactured with non-slip technology that they called “Neverslip Technology.” Now I know what you’re thinking, aren’t non-slip shoes meant for older folks in retirement homes? Not necessarily. 

We have several Fall trips coming up and I have started to plan what I will take with me and thought I would share a few helpful ideas. Packing for a summer trip has entirely different requirements, so for today this is just about the Fall.

I have been waiting for Fall to tell you about these a-dorable blue suede flats! They have a no-slip sole and are so fashionable! My friends at Rhea Footwear sent me a pair to try and they felt cushy and comfy the first time I put them on and I received compliments everywhere I walked!