Technology Meets Style

Today I am excited to talk about my most recent collaboration with Rhea Footwear. I am wearing the Classic Signature Flat in Sapphire Blue. This color is the perfect match for a dressy top and blue jeans. Its suede upper features a silky and luxurious appearance, while smooth leather trims give our flat a finer edge. I love the smoking slipper silhouette and it's the perfect shoe to take you from desk to drinks. Also, all Rhea shoes are made using Rhea's GRIP-TECH outsole to keep you safe and stylish at all times - perfect for Pittsburgh's unpredictable winter weather.
I took a break from my fort of heated blankets to go play in the snow. It's so funny when I look back and think about all of the winters of my early twenties when I insisted that my Vans were fine for winter. These days, I don't go out in the snow without a pair of boots — mainly cause I will fall and bust my ass in anything else.
So speaking of boots, a big part for me are the soles. Being able to have boots that are properly conditioned and suitable for wet winter weather is important, and these Daphne boots that Rhea sent over are great for slippery surfaces. The grip sole has already played a good role in my winter commute!

Let me tell you about these Daphne Booties from Rhea Footwear; they’re magnificent on so many levels. For starters, they’re gorgeous. I have a problem with leather boots, and that problem is that I want all the leather boots. Terrific, ankle-height ones in black? Magical. Secondly, they’re absolutely meant for people like me, of the accident-prone variety. And maybe you too? Because the Neverslip Technology is meant for folks who not only fall down often but also folks who walk to and fro and endure all sorts of weather.


Hello!  It’s been a good while since I shared an outfit post and it’s been a challenge to sneak in pictures lately now that it’s getting dark so early.  I actually wasn’t sure if these would turn out as we took the right at dusk but I really loved how the different pieces came together so I figured I at least had to try!  This red coat has been on serious repeat ever since it came in, and I’m seriously obsessed with the simple clean lines and the festive red color.  It comes in petite sizing and I love how it’s naturally tapered at the waist too to add some shape.  While I don’t normally wear so much red, it just feels appropriate this time of year and I couldn’t help but pair it with these new red smoking slippers!  I’ve been really appreciating a comfortable flat to run errands in and these are the perfect combination of casual yet refined.

The PERFECT City Boot

December 20, 2016


Once the weather in Chicago turns cold ... we all get excited for boot weather! I love boots. I literally look forward to wearing them year round. Once the snow comes down ... boot season isn't quite as much fun. Wet snow and stylish boots don't always mix. Until now. The Daphne Black Bootie from Rhea Footwear is city boot PERFECTION.
It is FINALLY here… My 2016 Holiday Gift Guide is finally here!  In this guide you will find everything form stocking stuffers, home decor, to gift for him and her!  I’m so excited to share this guide with you because it’s something I have been working diligently on since June!  That’s right.. JUNE!  With lots of planning and even some technical issues, I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.
Beautiful shoes with non-slip soles, it’s the best of both worlds. Take a closer look at the bottoms of these shoes and you’ll see they mean business when it comes to creating slip-resistant footwear. I love the booties look (they look cute with straight leg/skinny jeans especially. They also make flats and sandals in addition to men’s footwear as well! But these were definitely my favorite, and I love the feel of their high-quality materials.

Holiday outfit missing something? Complete the look with a perfect pair of flats! 

Yes, I totally just said flats! Now that the official party season is a underway, this flat-loving girl has decided that she will not be teetering around in high heels during the silly season. I have found the older I get, the less I enjoy walking about in high heels. Although I will wear a pair every now and then just to tower over my son for a bit.

I selected the Rhea Footwear Classic Flats Sapphire Blue with the Neverslip Technology because I needed a navy flat that had a classic look, was super comfortable and durable and could be worn with a variety of outfits. Rhea wanted to prevent slips and falls from ever even happening, and their Neverslip Technology shoes do just that!

So Bryan finally gave me an opportunity to participate in his world of product reviews; and although I have picked up a lot of knowledge, simply by being married to my tech-nut of a husband, my first review will not be about anything technology related.  First let me tell you that I am definitely not what you would consider a fashionista or "girly-girl", so shopping is NOT at the top of my favorite things list; and wearing "cute" but uncomfortable shoes all day, just to look good, is just not going to happen!  So, when I read the story of RHEA Footwear, I was intrigued.  A cute shoe that is also comfortable and safe on all surfaces?  I had to try it!  So, I selected the "Daphne Black Bootie"; a shoe that I can wear for work with my pant suits or on my days off with my jeans.