Technology Meets Style

Not only that, but easily the coolest thing about Rhea Footwear is their patented technology that is employed on the outsole. It basically feels like basketball shoes do on a court. Imagine that confident grip and traction, but instead you're wearing sandals on wet or slick surfaces.


non slip slip resistant burgundy green sandals

Yes girls and some men buy our shoes for looks and not for comfort or safety. So yes most of us have had an unfortunate slip or fall due to a slippery surface. Rhea Footwear is working with technology to craft a sandal that is not only fashion forward but also built for safety in order to help prevent unfortunate slipping accidents.


This kind of shoe is appreciated by people like me who grew up in Colorado and spent a fair amount of time negotiating my way over snow-packed sidewalks. Try going to a cocktail party wearing high heels in the middle of a snow storm. You don’t. You end up lacing up your hiking boots and carrying a pair of heels in your purse.

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Rhea Footwear: Style Needs Technology comes to us from a small team in Los Angeles with the mission of creating a line of products that are both stylish and functional. The product: A line of men's and women's shoes. The function: The ability to be worn in slippery conditions.

The team approached this project with the hypothesis that most of the shoe industry can be categorized one of two ways: shoes that are designed with aesthetics in mind, and those that (due to a primary focus on a certain function) are, well, uglier than most. Their mission was to change this.