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Summer is almost here and with it comes sunny weather, beach days and most importantly, the holiday where we celebrate our favorite dudes: Father's Day! Fire up the BBQ, pack up your fishing equipment or grab a reservation at his favorite steakhouse because Father's Day is fast approaching. While you begin to craft your Father's Day festivities, we've pulled together some gifts that are sure to make your old man smile.

1. H&M Leather Shoulder Bag, $129

2. Ray-Ban Clubround Classic Sunglasses, $160

3. Rhea Footwear Classic Slip on, $114.99

4. Art of Shaving Premium Beard Oil, $30

5. Herschel Supply Co Travel Kit, $29.99

6. S'well Teakwood Water Bottle, $35

7. Stainless-Steel Bar Tools Set, $29.60

8. Apple Leather iPhone Case, $45

There you have it- Father's Day shopping made easy! Do you know what you're getting your Dad this Father's Day? Let us know in the comments! Happy shopping xx


Rhea Footwear is so excited to announce that we are collaborating with an emerging, next-level e-commerce platform To The Tens! On the app, you can find a feed of only our best styled Rhea looks. This interactive platform allows you to shop tagged pieces from your feed and purchase them within the app. Even better, To The Tens allows you to tag all of your favorite brands in your looks and earn cash rewards every time someone shops your feed. Yes, shopping just got THAT much better and showcasing your lifestyle shots just got THAT much easier. 

We have teamed up with To The Tens in a giveaway competition just for YOU! Follow the instructions below to win your very own pair of Rhea sandals (just in time for beach weather!). Additionally, To The Tens will award each winner with 1000 points to use within the app or to cash out. 

1. Download the app here
2. Follow To The Tens on instagram
3. Follow Rhea Footwear on To The Tens
4. Post a look to the app
We will select FIVE lucky winners who have completed all of the above + send them a complimentary pair of Rhea sandals. The contest will run for the entire month of April and winners will be chosen on May 1st. Please comment below with any questions. We are SO excited to see how you showcase your very own style on To The Tens. Happy posting!

Disclaimer: Terms and conditions of the points and rewards can be found at To The Tens.


This post was guest-written by Emily Moore, wellness blogger and freelance journalist. You can find her original content at and on her instagram @beann_sproutt

The sun has just crossed the plane of the earth’s equator— this means longer sunlight-filled days ahead and a warmer climate as the northern hemisphere approaches closer to the sun. Besides the blossoming flowers and lengthier days, there is typically some form of rebirth and regrowth during this season. Whether that is a mental, spiritual, or physical form of transformation, spring is a great time to reflect and refresh as we enter into a much brighter season ahead.

There is something about spring that has always made me excited to start anew. My closet tends to get more spacious, as I thoroughly clean it out around this time, and my body tends to feel more revitalized, as I fill my tummy with lots of fresh fruits and veggies that this season offers. Besides the physical cleaning for spring, I like to focus on my internal state as well— a sort of mental spring cleaning.

As the lifeless foliage turns green and flowers begin to flourish, I find myself too yearning to mirror mother nature. I want to let the past go, forgive, and move forward with both happiness and gratitude.

One of my favorite forms of self-reflection that allows me to practice both forgiveness and gratitude is journaling. If the ability to forgive has been hard this past fall/winter season, I recommend writing a letter to this person in your journal. Writing down your frustration and collecting your thoughts in one place, allows for the transfer of built-up internal anger into organized words. I never send this letter, but at the end, I always make sure to write “I forgive you.” This form of journaling always tends to help me move forward— sometimes I even write multiple “letters” if I still feel anger towards this person. Forgiveness takes time.

Another form of journaling that helps bring about a refreshed mental state is gratitude journaling. Simply being able to focus on what I do have (this can range anywhere from talents and skills, to amazing people I am thankful for, to the highlights of my day) allows me to recognize the blessed life I am able to live. Focusing on the good (instead of complaining, wishing we had more, etc.) allows for happiness to prevail.

This spring, let’s practice moving forward and appreciate the goodness that Mother Nature has blessed us with. So, take that extra hour of sunlight, relax, and let your feelings flow onto paper as your mind is able to let go and spring forward.


If there's one health trend you need to be informed about, it's the implementation of probiotics in your diet. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that help the digestive system, that's right- GOOD bacteria! These good bacteria keep your gut healthy and functioning at optimal levels. More specifically, probiotics help food move through the gut and digestive system. Probiotics have also been linked to stronger immune system, healthier skin and weight loss. You've probably heard of probiotics being found in yogurt or a pill form, but they actually come in several forms. 

1. Yogurt: One of the most accessible forms of probiotics is live-cultured yogurt. However, pay close attention to how the yogurt is made and the sugar/ high fructose corn syrup content. 

2. Kombucha: This fizzy, sweet probiotic drink is a refreshing way to incorporate probiotics into your diet. The black tea is fermented with SCOBY, which is a live bacteria and yeast colony. Along with digestive benefits, Kombucha boosts energy and detoxes the liver. 

3. Sauerkraut and Kimchi: These flavorful, cultured vegetables are an excellent way to build probiotics into your cooking. Sauerkraut is made from fermented cabbage and is high in organic acids. Kimchi is widely used in Korean dishes and can also add some spice to your cooking!

4. Kefir: Kefir is very similar to yogurt because it is a fermented dairy product that is combined with fermented kefir grains. Because it's fermented with more bacteria and yeast, it's actually higher in probiotic content than yogurt. 

5. Miso Soup: Miso Soup is made from fermented soybean paste. Miso is a traditionally Japanese dish that is known for its macrobiotic and digestive regulating properties. 

Have you hopped on a probiotic kick yet? These are some of our favorites- but let us know your go-to probiotic form in the comments below! 

"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver." Mahatma Ghandi


Join Rhea Footwear in holiday celebrations by participating in our #holidayswithrhea giveaway contest! Post a photo on instagram of you (and family + friends) doing your favorite winter / holiday activity. Tag @rheafootwear and #holidayswithrhea in your caption for a chance to win an exclusive 50% off discount code!

The contest will run for two weeks from December 22nd until January 4th. One winner will be chosen on January 5th and will be contacted via direct message on instagram. More than one entry per user is acceptable and encouraged! Happy holidays!

'Tis the season for Rhea Footwear's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Extend warmth and love this  season by picking out thoughtful and heart felt gifts for your loved ones. Here, you will find an array of our favorite treasures to gift for the holidays. 

1. Himalayan Salt Lamp from Urban Outfitters

Himalayan salt products are known to have incredible health benefits and can be incorporated into your life through cooking or decor! The negative salt ions released by heating can boost blood flow, improve sleep and increase levels of serotonin in the brain. This salt lamp will add warm light to any space and bring healing energy. 

2. Faux Fur Pom Knitted Throw from Pottery Barn

Who doesn't need more cozies around the house during the chilly winter months? Even better, the poms make for a decorative accent on any bed or lounger. No matter who you're gifting to, they will appreciate this one- guaranteed. 

3. Classic red flats from Rhea Footwear

These flats are a staple piece this holiday season. Make any outfit Christmas party-ready with these festive flats! Comfy and safe for those icy winter months!

4. Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle from Anthropology

Candles are by far one of the most versatile gifts. Everyone appreciates a yummy smelling, pretty candle for their bathroom or bedside table. Anthropology candles make an amazing stocking stuffer! 

5. Organic Vegan Cookie Mix Set from Free People

These cookie mix sets are an adorable and thoughtful gift for any and all vegan loved ones! Each cookie mix comes complete with a wooden spoon and cookie cutter or maple syrup. Give the gift of yummy and organic treats this Christmas season. 

6. 101 Cocktails to Try Before You Die from Burro

Let's be real- we could all probably use a good lesson in cocktail crafting. This gift will come in handy for anyone who likes to host warm holiday gatherings with yummy beverages!
7. Juicy Boysenberry Bath Bombs from Etsy
Another great stocking stuffer, these bath bombs are a great gift to buy in bulk. Scents of boysenberries and a hint of vanilla make these bath bombs an indulging and lovely gift!

We are sending you and your loved ones all of our love this holiday season! Make sure you stay safe on your feet this winter season with reliable, non-slip shoes. Happy holidays!

With the chilly weather comes all the things we love about winter- pumpkin spice lattes, cozy blankets, blazing fires, Thanksgiving comfort foods and the smell of Christmas. Unfortunately, chilly weather is also known to bring some not-so-popular things like the cold and flu. It's about that time when the sniffles and chills come out to play (and rudely interrupt holiday festivities).

Embrace the cold weather months with a healthy mind and body to keep those sick days at bay. Stay alert and aware about your health and the health of others so you can make the most out of the season and stay one step ahead of the ickiness! Here are some of my preventative go-tos that help me stay well and good. 

1. Rest up. 

Take full advantage of daylight savings and sleep in a few minutes past your alarm. Sleep is necessary for your body to become refreshed and replenished for the next day. Sleep is linked to improved memory, reduced inflammation and sharper attention skills. 

2. Drink up. Fluids, that is. 

Your body is constantly losing water throughout the day, so it's important to stay hydrated. Water oxygenates your blood and flushes toxins from the body so that your organs can function at optimal levels. Water also helps you digest your food properly and allows cells to be properly nourished with nutrients. 

3. Give your immune system a boost. 
Let food be thy medicine! Some immunity boosting foods include: garlic, ginger, spinach, turmeric, green tea and broccoli. Garlic is one of my favorite immunity boosting foods that is known to fight infection and bacteria. I use crushed garlic in my cooking all the time to maintain high levels of immunity and maximize flavor! 
4. Stay fresh and clean. 
You can do your best to maintain your health, but cold weather months are breeding grounds for viruses and infections. Do your part in protecting yourself and others by practicing cleanliness and good hygiene. I like to keep hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in my car for easy access! 
5. Keep it stress-free.
Stress suppresses your immune system, making you vulnerable to sickness and infection. The best way to stay ahead of the cold and flu is to take gentle care of your body and mind. Make sure you are setting aside time every day to breathe deeply, clear your mind and reflect on gratitude and appreciation for your health and wellness. Wellness starts from the inside and requires balance and harmony within all aspects of your being. 

Let us know in the comments below some of your go-to health tips for the cold and flu season. We hope you stay happy and well during these magical winter months! 

October is our favorite month out of the year for one reason alone: HALLOWEEN! Make sure you've got your Rhea's to keep you safe when all the goblins, ghouls and ghosts come out to play Monday night. We've created a cool and casual lookbook for Halloween Night that features your favorite Rhea styles. 

Everyone loves a cowgirl on Halloween. Pair the daphne brown booties with a relaxed plaid shirt and denim to create a classic Halloween look. Add a bolo tie to give your costume a trendy twist! 

Who said black cats are bad luck? Black kitties are one of the most versatile costumes in our book. Add a furry accents with a cross body bag or fur vest to make your costume  cozy and cute. This black cat will stay firmly planted on the ground in her trusty daphne booties! 

Rosie the Riveter is the founder of the denim on denim trend! A classic American icon, Rosie makes for a fierce Halloween costume. Incorporate red accents with the classic red flats, a red head scarf and red lips. 

Tag us on instagram (@rheafootwear) wearing your Rhea's on Halloween for a repost! We hope you have a freaky and fabulous Halloween night. Enjoy 20% off by entering "SPOOKED" at checkout. 

There are two things we really love about Fall: the fashion and the food. Fall fruit + veggie staples that you should start stocking up on are apples, butternut squash, corn and all things pumpkin. And what should you do with these lovely foods? Check out the following vegetarian recipes we've handpicked and curated for your chilly weather cravings. 

1. To start off the list, we have Jessica in the Kitchen's Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese with Crispy Sage. The squash adds a sweet twist to a traditional dish and transforms it into a yummy fall go-to. The best part, this recipe is vegan and gluten free!

2. Jump right into the Thanksgiving spirit with I Love Vegan's Roasted Vegan Thanksgiving Bowl. Put those post-Thanksgiving leftovers to use with this quick and easy roasted veggie bowl. Leftovers never looked so good...

3. Cooking Classy's Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili is sure to hit the spot this Fall season. Chilly weather and hot soup is the ultimate comfort pairing. 

4. Cookie and Kate's Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Waffles takes breakfast to the next level. Gather friends and family for a homemade Sunday brunch with these sweet, Fall treats. 

5. Who said nacho's can't be vegan? Emilie Eats proves that they can and should in her Loaded Vegan Sweet Potato Nachos recipe. Sweet potatoes are a Fall staple that are sure to sweeten up any dish. 

6. Our Fall recipe book would not be complete without everyone's favorite Thanksgiving food- pumpkin pie! Oh She Glows' Mini Pumpkin Pie Tarts are a great desert for a big Thanksgiving party, or a midnight snack during those long winter evenings. 

Can you tell we're excited about Fall? We hope you liked our handpicked recipe book and can try out some of these yummy dishes. Be sure to check out each of the bloggers who wrote the recipes for more tasty Fall treats! 

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