Man of the Hour: Josh Rubin of Mendocino Farms

The man. The myth. The general manager of Mendocino Farms. Josh Rubin takes us through a typical day managing the rustic sandwich market in El Segundo, California. 

"I get paid to socialize. In the service industry, people come to you for something specific and in delivering that, there's a lot of fulfillment."

Josh wasn't always a hot-shot general manager. His restaurant days humbly began at a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint in Chicago when he was sixteen. He was an aspiring jack of all trades; heating pizza, plating and serving to guests was the beginning of a career in hospitality. Mendocino Farms warmly welcomed Josh three years ago as a team member, and he's been loving it ever since. 

Josh's favorite thing about the job? Activity. There's always something to be done, someone to please, a problem to solve. A typical day at Mendocino Farms begins with a morning walkthrough to make sure everything is prepared for opening. He arranges the floor plan, placing team members in their strongest positions. 

"Aces in their places."

After they've opened for lunch, the manager's main function is to be present on the floor, chatting with the guests and supporting his team. 

As a general manager, Josh has an image to uphold. There must be a level of professionalism and style to his dress, while also being comfortable and safe. We gave him a pair of Rhea Footwear boots and slip-on's to see how they fair in a trendy restaurant environment. We asked if it was possible for a shoe to provide comfort, function and be visually appealing. 

"Absolutely. It's called Rhea Footwear."

Working in a restaurant, it's imperative that a shoe is comfortable and supportive. Not only do front-of-house employees and kitchen staff work long shifts, but also are on their feet most of the time. Additionally, Mendocino Farms requires that employees wear non-slip shoes. 

Josh has witnessed countless injuries caused by slips, trips and falls that could have been easily avoidable with non-slip shoes. 

"People slip on lemonade, soda, soup... I've seen bruised ribs, cracked teeth, even concussions."

All of the above has resulted in Mendocino Farms requiring non-slip shoes as a preventative measure. As a reputable and well-known establishment, management at Mendocino Farms covers their bases when it comes to safety measures and precautionary action. 

So has Rhea Footwear really won Josh and the Mendocino Farms team over? Here's the verdict: 

"Definitely. The style of the loafer slip on is my favorite. You can show off the socks. Their light, sturdy and don't even look like non-slip shoes! I'd go out in these shoes."

There you have it: Josh Rubin is now a Rhea Footwear fanatic. You can have the best of both worlds and wear a shoe that's comfortable, durable, safe and stylish. A big thanks to Josh for letting us peer into the tight-knit culture at Mendocino Farms and sharing feedback, food and many laughs. Fun fact? 

"I have an incredible sock collection. No one can out sock me."




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