Slips, Trips & Falls: Increasing Awareness and Taking Action!

Slips and falls are the leading cause for workplace injury and are typically caused by easily fixable problems such as: uneven or wet floors, poor lighting, and unsuitable footwear. A serious slip or fall can lead to lost days of work, expensive medical bills and even death. Below are a few helpful tips to decrease your risks of slipping or falling.

1. Practice Good Housekeeping

Sounds obvious, I know, but taking the time and patience to tidy up will make all the difference in slip/fall prevention. You can start by finding homes for little objects on the floor that may obstruct a walk way or cause someone to trip. If you have kids and find that a labyrinth of toys scatter your floors daily, try placing a large basket in each main room to toss the toys in. Also clear any cord-clutter you finding lurking behind TVs, appliances or electronics in your home. De-clutter and B R E A T H E !

2. Maintain Proper Lighting

Make sure to place sufficient light sources around your home to illuminate walk ways and reduce risks of falling. A creative approach to this could be stringing lights in your backyard to light up an outdoor dinner party, or letting natural light fill your house during the day. Floor lamps, desk lamps and suspended lighting are all ways to increase light while also maintaining a pleasant aesthetic.

3. Staying Mindful

While walking from place to place during a busy day, it's easy to zone out and lose mindfulness. There is nothing more dangerous than absentmindedly walking while looking down at a cell phone. Keep yourself and others safe by looking up while you walk, and smiling of course.

4. Good Shoes Make Happy Feet

One of the most proactive things you can do to reduce your risk of tripping or falling is by wearing safe, non-slip shoes. There are countless variables in the environment that can cause falls: weather, wet floors, mindless texters. The one thing you can control in staying safe is your choice in shoes. Rhea Footwear is geared to resist slip-causing variables with NeverSlip technology. Stay stylish without the slippage.

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