10 Things Parents are Useful For

One of the most important, yet overlooked holidays is right around the corner. That's right, National Parents' Day is fast approaching (to be observed on July 24th) and if you didn't already know, parents can really come in handy sometimes. Aside from giving life to every single one of us, parents are a necessary evil even in adulthood. Here are a few reasons we like to keep ours around. 

1. They quite literally are the reason we're all here. A moment of silence for all the life givers out there. 

2. They make their presence known on all of your social media. Lookin' at you Mom. And there's no need to sign "xo, Mom" on every comment you leave. 

3. They're most likely your biggest fan. No one believes in your like your Mom or Dad probably does. My parents have always been there to cheer me on, encourage me and remind me to not be too hard on myself. 

4. They're your best friends. Family is family and while they can drive you crazy, they've known you the longest and probably know you the best. 

5. They've seen you in all your seasons, phases and awkward moments, and still manage to accept you. Whether blossoming or falling flat on your face, parents have seen you in all your glory. They know what you've been through and what you're made of. 

6. They're the ultimate role models. Monkey see, monkey criticizes and says it will never do, and then Monkey does. We're a lot more like our parents than we admit. 

7. There's nothing like the disappointment of a parent, but there's also nothing like a parent's grace and forgiveness. We've all been there. We've all gotten the look of sheer disappointment/confusion/embarrassment when we did something wrong. But parent's have a way of always seeing past the flaws, and loving you despite questionable decisions. 

8. Home is where your parents are.  You can go searching every corner of the world for home, but it will always be with your kinfolk. No matter what you do or where you go, you will always have a home with Mom and Dad. 

9. Parenting is a full-time job, with no overtime, and no option to retire. Even after my siblings and I grew into adults, my parents were still putting in the hours as grandparents. Once a Mom/Dad, always one. 

 10. Speaking from my own experience, my parents have always modeled what a loving relationship looks like. My parents are best friends and display what a strong and equal partnership can look like when nurtured with love and respect. They're the perfect example of two people who are individually amazing, and even better when together. 

So parents are pretty good for a few things. In a spirit of parent appreciation, check out the blog Adventures of Empty Nesters to follow the journey of two amazing parents now that their baby birds have the left the nest. You can also find a lovely review for Rhea Footwear on the blog, enjoy! 

Photo Credit: Suzanne and Craig of Adventures of Empty NestersSave

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